I’m a 30 y.o. Brazilian software architect (Java mainly) by day and an Arduino enthusiastic by night.

My story with Arduino began at a Shawarma place talking to a friend who said something like: “Dude, you have to see this, this, this THING I got on the internet. It’s called Arduino. Is a board full of pins where you can plug buttons, switches, potentiometers and all sort of sensors and, and, and program and output the processing into LED, servos and all sort of actuators”. …what can I say? He definitely got my attention.

On that same night I bought my first Arduino on eBay. A week later I was arduining and losing nights of sleep doing things I only dreamt of before, since I had no knowledge at all in electronics (despite my passion for robotics).

I hope you have fun here and gather some helpful material for your project.